God’s Plan to Prosper you

Apostle Winston Joseph Ministries
2 min readJul 30, 2020

Let’s Meditate Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” Declare the LORD plans to give you hope a Future. Just imagine God almighty who spoke everything out and nothing has a plan for you to prosper.

“KNOW” word in Hebrew “YADA” Which means man and women coming together and becoming one in other words he is absolutely one with your Prosperity. To put in more simplified terms, he knows you’re your Prosperity inside out.

Secondly, the Hebrew word for plans is “Hesab” which also means design and scheme. So in other words God has an outline design plan for you to prosper. This plan is not designed to harm you but to give you hope and a Prosperous Future.

Now you and I should call unto God to reveal that designed plan. Now the question you should ask is should I walk in God’s designed plan or chart out my own plan to prosper. But the difference is if you walk in God’s designed plan then you will reach there earlier and speedily but if you write down your own plan than it will be difficult and slow in the process.

Now Confess with me …

I am in God’s outlined designed plan to prosper and I will seek it with all my heart, therefore, Gold, silver, and Millions are mine and are following me all the days of my life.

Stay Blessed.

Apostle Winston Joseph Ph.D



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